Saturday, January 3, 2009

Not Sure

In the twenty years I’ve taken in humanity, the one thing that is prevalent, regardless of where you live is the news. A fascinating representation of all that is society. It amazes me how a system designed to inform the populace can lose its purpose so easily. If it isn’t a political agenda being pushed or a local murder being promoted it’s the rampant deitization of those earmarked celebrities. And to think crime has gone down in the last decade yet reports have gone up 700%. Will there come a time where fear mongering will precipice and break the delightful suburbs we seclude ourselves in to feel safe. I want to give them a reason to fear. A real reason.
When do you truly feel safe? It certainly isn’t when you go jogging in the park at night, or when you leave your house unlocked while you sleep. Being open is the most dangerous state a person can be in. This can be applied to any level you desire. Emotional. Physical. Mental. It’s all deadly.

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